Stefan Nitzsche was born on 7th of November 1978 in Essen, Germany. After successfully passing his A-levels at the Waldorf School of Essen he studied electrical engineering from 1998 until 1999 at the RWTH Aachen University. Starting with his participation in his school’s newspaper “ß” in 1995, his honorary membership at the Essener Jugendpresse e.V. lasted until 2001, when he resigned from his position as chief editor of the magazine “EPOS”.


After various internships at different media companies he started his vocational education to become a Digital Media Designer, focusing on printed papers, at the espey werbeagentur GmbH in 1999. Since he wanted to specialize more in the direction of New Media he switched over to the upcoming Freund & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH in the same year, today known as FUP AG Werbeagentur, where he was educated in web design.

After finishing the relaunch of the E-Plus GmbH website, for which he was borrowed from FUP AG to Joinmedia/argonauten G2 GmbH, his education at the FUP AG was successfully completed in 2002. He started straight away as Art Director at the Bonn based internet agency snoopmedia GmbH.

His next stop was the iSAM AG in Mülheim (Ruhr), which he joined end of 2002 as system administrator and developer of intranet and internet applications until July 2005. Besides developing various applications and websites in XHTML/CSS, SQL and PHP, he specialized in hardening of homogeneous Microsoft Windows networks, and the development and application of anti-malware strategies.

Following a job offer of FUP AG, the former Freund & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH where he had been trained, he took over position as Head of New Media from late summer 2005 being responsible for the development of accessible user interfaces in XHTML/CSS – focusing on usability. Up to February 2007 Stefan Nitzsche has been working as Head of New Media, frontend architect and instructor at the FUP AG Werbeagentur.

As of June 2007 Stefan Nitzsche works as a freelance web designer, web developer and consultant.

Since July 2006 he is registered as an instructor to educate future Digital Media Designers at the chamber of industry and commerce of Essen. He has been working as an independent lecturer at MD.H Düsseldorf since July 2008.

Stefan Nitzsche publishes professional articles on current topics, for example at Dr Web and at PAGE as well as in a book to be published by dpunkt.verlag in 2009. From 2007–2011 he was involved with the German Webkrauts. He is a member of the German Chapter of the Usability Professionals Association, and the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).

To widen his knowledge, Stefan Nitzsche is intensively committed to usability, accessibility and information architecture.


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